Glen's Mountain View Cafe
Est. 1972
Welcome to Glens
 Glen's Cafe has been family owned and operated since 1972. It captures the spirit of Montana with it's log cabin exterior, friendly faces and home cooked meals.

Huckleberries are here! Come in and enjoy Huckleberry pancakes, french toast, cinnamon rolls, milkshakes, and of course Huckleberry pie! 

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Please feel free to look over our menu or come into the restuarant.  

100% Homegrown Beef
All beef served at Glen's Cafe is homegrown on Glen's ranch in Florence, Montana.
Homemade Pie
For the past 20 years the famous pies have been made by Joanne Moore. The previous 20 years were made by Fritz Everson.
Art Gallery
Glens cafe features its very own art gallery. Paintings by local artists Justin Moore and Deloris Mikesell.

Open daily 9AM to 3PM